There’s nothing like fresh, local sweet corn in the summertime!  Purchasing extremely fresh corn is important since once it’s harvested, the corn’s sugar begins to gradually convert to starch.  The fresher your corn, the sweeter it will taste.  Select ears that are bright green with golden brown silk and snug fitting husks.  Pull the husk back a little, and poke a kernel to see if slightly cloudy juice squirts out.  This is a sign of fresh corn.  If there is no juice or it is thick, the corn is old.

Fresh sweet corn should be eaten the day you buy it, but will be okay refrigerated for one day.  Take the husks and silk off just before using.  To purchase fresh corn, lower the environmental impact, and avoid corn that may have been genetically modified, shop for organic, local sweet corn at your neighborhood farmers market, co-op, or natural foods store.  For further information on the benefits of organic, non-GMO foods, check out and

If  you have a copy of Pam Powell’s Salad Days recipe book, check out the “Sweet Corn and Confetti Cabbage Slaw” on page 79.  If you’d like to purchase a copy, click on the heading above — Buy Salad Days Recipe Book :)

Enjoy your sweet corn with our Salad Girl Organic Crisp Apple Dressing in the recipe below.  The wonderful flavor and texture combinations will keep people coming back for more…and more…and more.

Recipe by Pam Powell

Article and Photograph by Sarah Baron Sullivan