full moon

We are so thrilled and honored here at Salad Girl that novelist Jay Gilbertson has mentioned our Salad Girl Organic Curry & Fig Dressing in Full Moon OverMadeline Island, the newest book in his Madeline Island Series.  I met Jay when handing out Salad Girl samples at the Produce Exchange on Lake Street in Minneapolis.  Jay and his partner were there handing out samples of their pumpkin seed oil, the first of its kind in the United States.  Jay  lives on 80 acres of certified organic land in Northwest Wisconsin where they grow much of their own food, recycle and enjoy life.  Their Hay River pumpkin seed oil is “rich, nutty and delicious…wonderful used in salad dressings… drizzle over squash soups… or as a dip for bread.”  Check it out at http://www.hayriver.net

Here’s the excerpt containing the Salad Girl reference from Chapter One of Full Moon Over Madeline Island:

“There you are, darling,” Ruby clambers down the half-round stoop and sits onto one of the many wicker love seats. “I just rang off with Alice Anne. She says that with the way things are shaping up at Toad Hollow, why in no time at all, we’ll be open for business. Oh dear, is that in poor taste?”

“Well I suppose not, I mean it is a type of business. A place for teenage pregnant women has to run like one anyway. More of a service I should think. Here, can you make out the number on the bottom of this bottle? My eyes are going all to hell.” I hand it over.

“It’s a number two, and good heavens,” She studies the label, “That was such a lovely dressing…Salad Girl’s Curry & Fig.” She hands me the bottle and slumps back into the art deco cushions. “I’m simply bushed. All that cleaning can really do a dame in.”

Full Moon Over Madeline Island is available on Amazon.com — Thank you, Jay !