wild grilled salmon & kumquat salad

Kumquats, an entirely edible fruit, are a good source of potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.  With a wonderful orange sweetness that has a hint of tangerine, kumquats resemble a small, egg-shaped orange.  The brightly hued, thin skin is sweet and delicious, and the flesh provides a good pucker of tartness.  Select kumquats that are firm and avoid those with blemishes or signs of deterioration.  Keep at room temperature if using within a few days.  Otherwise, refrigerate in a plastic bag for about 1 month.  This recipe will amaze your palate – the kumquat, the grilled salmon, the pistachios – taste buds look out!


Before you shop for your salmon, take a look at The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website,www.mbayaq.org.   The Aquarium’s “Sea Watch” program creates science-based recommendations to help consumers and businesses make ocean-friendly seafood choices.  According to their research, the “Best Choice” for those of us living in the Central U.S. is wild-caught Alaskan salmon rather than farmed salmon.  Remember to also look for the blue certification of the Marine Stewardship Council, www.msc.org.


Photograph, Recipe, and Graphics by Pam Powell

Article by Sarah Baron Sullivan